A Creative Coworking Space in Orange County for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Cool Statistics

  • 30+ Startups
  • 40+ Events
  • 725+ Entrepreneurs

#PeopleSpace {Education: 100%, Tech: 100%, Community: 100%}

PeopleSpace Features

  • Companies in Residence

    We are home to 30+ startup companies and they have created jobs right here at PeopleSpace! Our community supports our companies by participating in user testing, group learning, warm intros and spreading news with good ol’fashion word of mouth.

  • Coworking and
    Dedicated Space

    Get out of your house and come work and collaborate with others! We have 15,000 sq ft space waiting for you to get comfy with. Get your coffee, wifi and coworking on! We also have desks or offices for teams that are looking for a dedicated spaces.

  • Workshops

    We have hacker community of programmers, designers and marketeers that work on cool things like mobile and web applications. We host over 20 Meetup groups, workshops, classes and hackathons per month! Come and hack with us!

  • PeopleSpace Innovation Lab

    Pi-Lab accepts aspiring entrepreneurs each month to educate, develop and mentor the through speaker series, workshops, networking events, and internship opportunities. It’s a community driven organization to help entrepreneurs.